AppLogger by True Sparrow

Easily trace, share and retrace your testing interactions

React Native library to help you and your team
backtrace testing steps, and get session details
and device information. Securely!

Does your team face similar challenges?

AppLogger Challanges

AppLogger helps you trace back your testing steps quickly, even after crashes. Your one-stop solution for better app testing!

  • AppLogger - Detialed Logs

    Get detailed logs and trace back the steps to catch the bug.

    In-depth data of device information and testing session details so you can get to debugging directly.

  • AppLogger - Specific Session Logs

    Download specific session logs and share with your team

    Choose which session details you download and add to your tickets: no confusion, no clutter! Completely developer friendly!

  • AppLogger - Debugging

    Stop spending time recreating bugs, debug instead!

    No need to replicate problems, directly take a look at the logs, start solving them; in turn saving days of your valuable time!

  • AppLogger - Open Source

    Power of Open Source at your service.

    AppLogger is open source and any developer can start using AppLogger for free. Check it out on GitHub!

  • AppLogger - Integrate with Ease

    Integrate with ease and quickly!

    Integrate AppLogger and get started quickly in minutes!

  • AppLogger - Locally Stored Data

    All testing data is stored locally on your device.

    AppLogger stores your testing data locally on your device; safe and secure always!

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Built exclusively for React Native apps. Supports core components present in React Native.

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Customise tracking for
your team
For your QA engineers
Create your own custom
tracking sessions to
optimise workflows
  • Detect critical issues and download logs with convenience
  • Share specific and relevent session details
  • Start new sessions for different test scenarios
  • Pause and resume tracking in existing session to avoid redundant logs
  • Disable tracking easily when done testing
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For your developers
Optimise your efficiency
via AppLogger
  • Integrate and track off-the-shelf components. For example - buttons, text inputs and much more
  • Extend AppLogger using Track interface for any custom component
  • Redact sensitive information from logs by masking
  • Export sessions through your dashboard by connecting to your mobile IP address or directly upload from within app.
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How to Integrate
How to integrate?
Get started in minutes for free!
  1. Download Node Module
  2. Configure AppLogger
  3. Integrate components by just adding test IDs
  4. Enjoy using AppLogger!
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Got a project?

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