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Tired of juggling multiple admin tools that take resources away from your core product development?

Slackmin enables your entire team to easily perform robust admin functions all from within Slack!

One tool to do everything - True Sparrow

One tool to do everything

Why build or integrate different products to manage your Content, Orders, Reports, Customers? Use Slack’s Web, Desktop and Mobile apps to do the same.

Save your valuable time - True Sparrow

Save your valuable time

Focus on your Product instead of building custom solutions for your admin needs. Use Slack to manage everything, save days of valuable time.

Spend less $$ on admin tools - True Sparrow

Spend less $$ on admin tools

Each custom tool you build or integrate to manage your product costs you $. Use the tool you already have, use Slack!

Keep customer data safe - True Sparrow

Keep customer data safe

Slack has built a secure platform. Slackmin uses this secure infrastructure instead of you building your own security layers.

Use Slack to easily update website content; noexternal CMS required! CONTENT Provide a robust customer service platform tointernal teams all fromwithin Slack! CUSTOMER SUPPORT Easily update payments, orders, and billing details-- all from within Slack! PAYMENTS Update order information , seller details, issuerefunds directly fromSlack! ORDERS

Slackmin has numerous additional benefits built in, such as:

Open Source - True Sparrow

Open Source

Slackmin is open source. Any developer can build their own Slackmin using our documentation, for free!

Access Control - True Sparrow

Access Controls

Use public and private channels in Slack to manage access to certain types of Slackmin data and features.

Search - True Sparrow


Leverage the robust Search features in Slack so your team has easy access to historical data and customer history.

Notification - True Sparrow


Users can setup their own push notifications in Slack to get alerted to the data they need most.

Transparent - True Sparrow


Logs for actions taken by your admins like updated product details, Payment notifications are easily searchable and accessible.


With Slackmin you can provide you entire team with instant access to key data about your business, such as monthly sales, order volume, customer ratings, top selling skus, and more. Your teams can even generate reports and google sheets directly from your database using simple slack commands.

The executives want to know about the revenue stream that the company actively has in place

The manager wants to look at the users who have opted for notifications

Customer Support

With Slackmin you can enable your Success team to quickly query customer data directly from your database, retrieve users’ purchasing history and on-site activity, and perform common actions directly in Slack such as canceling orders, issuing credits, approving refunds, and upgrading or downgrading feature access.

Customer Support Team received a complaint on broken product. They want to check on user’s order history and issues refunds to the original Payment Method accordingly

Content Management

With Slackmin it’s easy to enable your internal users to feature content on your website and in your apps, setup banners, and manage promotional offers – all from within Slack!

Support Team received a request from a seller to expand their business in more countries, and update payment information


With Slackmin you can setup alerts into custom channels for any action in your application. Great to let your teams know when new users signup, when users move from free to paid accounts, when new orders are placed or canceled, when orders fail to process, when systems are lagging or down.

The CEO needs to know in real time when customers converted from free trial to paid Saas memberships

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Need someone to build Slackmin for you?

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True Sparrow can build and maintain custom Slackmins for most use cases, including: E-Commerce, Livestreaming, Games, Productivity Tools, Blockchain and much more.

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Got a project?

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