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We are a product studio with vast experience in web and mobile app development. We help companies design, develop and launch path breaking products.

We used OpenAI embeddings and Weaviate vector database to bring semantic search to Jam, a decentralized social network.

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  • Thursday
    Thursday helps remote teams build a strong culture. It is a place to do social events and connect with your remote teammates over interesting conversations. Thursday won ProductHunt's Golden Kitty Award 2021 for the work-from-anywhere category.
    Golden kitty award
  • Slackmin by True Sparrow
    Listener helps teams bookmark important moments from zoom calls in real time and easily turn long recordings into bite-sized video clips which can be highlighted, shared and presented.
  • Hem by True Sparrow
    Hem is a D2C private label furniture and design retailer spun out of Fab.com. The solution included custom furniture configurators and AR shopping tools, all built in house by our team in addition to the website, mobile apps, admin tools, CMS, and the inventory and warehouse management systems.
  • Fab by True Sparrow
    Fab was a unicorn E-commerce company named best mobile shopping app and best e-commerce website of the year 2012 by TechCrunch and the Webby awards. At its height, fab had more than 12 million active users and handled 1 transaction every 3 seconds. Our team built the entire Fab technology in house, including the website, mobile apps, admin tools, CMS , and the inventory and warehouse management
    #1 Crunchies Best Shopping Application - Fab by True Sparrow
    Webby Awards People's Choice Winner - Fab by True Sparrow
    Webby Awards Best Shopping Application - Fab by True Sparrow
  • Moxie by True Sparrow
    Moxie was the leading SAAS platform and marketplace for fitness professionals to grow independent businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. The solution includes marketplace, payments, consumer apps, 2-way interactive livestreaming, video on demand, CRM, reporting, live chat groups, Metabase integration, Hubspot integration.
  • OST by True Sparrow
    Ost technology developed the OpenST protocols for creating Layer 2 ("L2") Ethereum tokens and token economies. Our team also launched the first Ethereum wallet SDK. The OpenSt code was contributed to the Ethereum community and can be found at https://github.com/openst.
React.js - True Sparrow


At True Sparrow, we are using React to build user-friendly and SEO-friendly gorgeous websites & applications. Reusable components, cross-platform support and fantastic developer tools make the development process easier and faster.

React Native - True Sparrow

React Native

We built Pepo and Moxie mobile apps using React Native. Our partners and we love to use React Native for features like cross-platform compatibility, reusable code for Android and iOS apps, live updates to users’ smartphones, and excellent community support.

Node.js - True Sparrow


Highly scalable and secure OST, Pepo and Moxie REST APIs were built using Node.js. Non-blocking thread execution, cross-platform support, a vast set of open-source packages and an extensive community give Node.js an edge over other programming languages.

NEXT.js - True Sparrow


The True Sparrow website is built on Next.js and React.js. While traditional React apps can only render their content in the client-side browser, Next.js extends this functionality to include applications rendered on the server-side. It also helps significantly in boosting performance and SEO by image optimization, internationalization, code-splitting and bundling.

Web3.js - True Sparrow


OST used web3.js at scale, allowing partners to mint branded tokens, manage token economies, integrate user wallets and enable users to perform transactions on Ethereum nodes from their mobile apps and websites.

Ruby On Rails - True Sparrow

Ruby On Rails

Our team has been using Ruby on Rails for more than a decade. Fab, Hem and Social Median were built using Ruby On Rails. We love Ruby On Rails for it's MVC architecture, DRY principle, simplicity and ample community support.

Go - True Sparrow


Go is an excellent language for scalable, reliable and efficient solutions, not only for its speed but for readability as well. Go is best suited for projects with growing user base and concurrent requests. Our Thursday backend server is built on Go.

Kubernetes - True Sparrow


Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool that automates containerised applications' deployment, scaling, and management. We use Docker containers to deploy the app on the Kubernetes cluster and have used it to manage Thursday's infrastructure.

Terraform - True Sparrow


Terraform allows us to deliver infrastructure as code. It is used as a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely, securely and efficiently. We use it to provision AWS resources for all our applications, including True Sparrow and Thursday.


We love trying out OpenSource products and giving back to the community by building few of our own!
Canary by True Sparrow
The Incognito Mode of Twitter
Privacy-focused app that lets users discover personalized public content without needing an account. User can browse the home feed based on their preferences.
Slackmin by True Sparrow
Slack Superpowers for Business Ops
Slackmin allows you to easily integrate slack slash (/) commands, interactive components, message formatting & custom modals in your Node.js application.
AppLogger by True Sparrow
Easily trace & share your testing interactions
A React Native library to help you and your team back trace testing steps, and get session details and device information. Securely!
True Sparrow Blog
Snippets of learnings we share with the world that will help you grow
Setup Local Development Environment With Docker Compose
Facing difficulties configuring your local dev env? For a new dev, it means at least a week's time & effort. Make things easier using Docker.
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HTTP/2 will stay even after HTTP/3 & QUIC
Why HTTP2 is here to stay even with the adoption of HTTP/3 and QUIC Protocol? This blog describes the HTTP world's evolution and its potential.
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Designing a virtual studio for fitness coaches amidst COVID '19
A fitness-focused live virtual studio for coaches who want to enhance interactivity and engagement among their clients.
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True Sparrow x
Our development team has over 200 years of combined experience, including Frontend, Backend, DevOps, Web3, Mobile Apps, and QA.
True Sparrow x
Our "PX" team is equally comfortable creating user flows and product logics as with helping guide product concepts through successful development and launch and beyond.
Grid - True Sparrow

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