Moxie Case Study


Moxie is a fitness platform that enables fitness professionals to set up their virtual studios and offer private, virtual, and group classes to their clients. Moxie also helps these professionals manage every aspect of their business from scheduling and taking classes, payments, communication, and promotion.

On the consumer side, moxie is the most convenient way to work out, enabling consumers to train live from anywhere with coaches for every person, style, and fitness goal. Moxie marketplace enables anyone to browse, filter, and search for fitness coaches and classes according to their preferences.

“The world is moved not only by the mighty shoves of the heroes but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.” — Helen Keller, Author

Understanding the problem

When the pandemic started suddenly the fitness industry in the US collapsed leaving nearly 80% of the fitness professionals jobless overnight. We learned a lot, foremost, about the fortitude and resilience of people everywhere who are doing their best to keep on, keep moving, stay active and connected, and persevere.

We interviewed 100+ fitness professionals and their clients, almost all had the same issues. They needed to use Too Many Tools to do their job.

Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube to promote or take free classes. Get new clients, and share class details.

Mailchimp, WhatsApp — to keep their existing clients updated about the classes, send Zoom links and passwords and send Venmo QR.

Venmo for payments.

Zoom for taking classes.

Overnight the pandemic had made every fitness professional a business person. They not only needed to learn new things but also were juggling between all these tools.

There wasn’t a single tool that could fit all.

After the interviews, we got a good sense of the demography and the personas. 75 to 80% were women, the average age was 22–47.

Initial Sketches


User testing was an iterative process and was conducted at every milestone.

Find classes easily, filter by time, workout type, duration, coaches, class level, intensity, and more…

Book classes of your favorite instructors, Watch VOD’s or buy Subscriptions

Personalises home page. Booked classes upfront, Live classes that you might like, and much more.

Here are some other projects my team has worked on at Moxie

The Moxie App was very limited in its functionality in the way we displayed the information to our users, it was very closed off with not even having a sign-up in it. After Moxie Pass, we have focused on making it as open as possible by opening up the marketplace and increasing interactions with the coaches. To take it a step further, we even had plans to make user-profiles and their workouts public as a way to make them feel like they are a part of a strong community.

- Prashant Matta
Moxie Pass is a ticket-based system that allows the user’s to effortlessly try out and explore any fitness classes with a free trial period on the Moxie platform, allowing more client base to the Instructors.

-Ritika Pal
Referral 2.0 and social sharing were aimed at improving the discoverability and experience of the current Moxie referral program and also to promoting WOM marketing through social. With this project, we were able to accelerate WOM and organic referrals to achieve a nearly 3 fold increase in referral sign up numbers from the first month of launch itself.

-Vysakh G Nair
Challenges project is aimed at accelerating engagement and motivating the users to continue their workouts. We aim to personalise the content on this page based as we understand user behaviour more

-Dishaka Tarafdar

In the end, I would sincerely like to thank everyone who contributed to this project. Special mention to Emily Baumgartner for the amazing user research and Veerle Pieters for her wonderful illustration!


Prineel Bandellu

Prineel Bandellu