Sirji Updates - Moving beyond tic-tac-toe

Sirji has moved beyond building simple web apps and games such as tic-tac-toe. (These too had their own set of challenges).

Sirji is now helping developers with their everyday tasks.

It’s one thing to build a plain vanilla app to show the weather of a given city, but it's very different to add a feature to your existing project with an already existing code repo with some 150 files.

Here, generic agents struggle to figure out which files to modify; they struggle to match your coding pattern. They lack the domain understanding that you have.

This is why Sirji has evolved into a framework to build & run custom AI agents for your everyday dev tasks.

Custom agents help capture and convey your code writing style and domain knowledge to Sirji. They perform a specific task.

You build custom agents simply by writing instructions in plain English in Sirji Studio. You usually start by forking an existing agent and modifying its instructions.

To begin with, we are focusing on backend use cases with the Node.js stack.

We are using Sirji to create new APIs and test cases in our existing repository for one of our side projects, Raised. It took Kedar 10 minutes while working with Sirji to write a new API and the corresponding test cases. It took 20 minutes more to manually review the code and to make two minor edits. Without Sirji, this task would have taken him 5-6 hours.

That’s a 10x productivity boost!

Nishith Shah

Nishith Shah

Founder, True Sparrow