Our Unique Launch Experience of AppLogger on Product Hunt

We launched AppLogger on Product Hunt on September 21st, 2022. Here is the launch post and the product page on Product Hunt. We achieved the #4 Product of the Day badge. Thanks to all the supporters for the appreciation, critical suggestions, and love. We thought it will be great to share some launch day insights from Product Hunt and our own tracking solution.

You might be wondering why we are calling it a Unique Launch Experience. That's because of a bug on Product Hunt, we are confused (at the time of writing this blog) if we got  #3 Product of the Day or #4 Product of the Day badge. Please keep reading further for more details.

About AppLogger

AppLogger is a React Native mobile application framework that helps in minimizing QA issue-reporting time and developer debugging time by providing a web interface for the logs generated and steps taken by the user on a device using the device's IP address. Additionally, users can keep a track of their sessions and logs, as well as upload, download, and delete them.

Launch Day Story

The preparations for this launch were going on for a few weeks. An enthusiastic team was fully dedicated to reaching out to the PH community and forming connections. Everyone was super excited about the launch once the website and the final version of the library were published.

Products go live on PH at 12:30 pm (IST) daily. Wednesdays are considered to be the days with a huge amount of traffic and hence, we had a monumental challenge ahead of us. The entire team was braced for an extensive reach-out campaign to get the maximum amount of support. So when the clock struck 12:30, the upvotes started pouring in and we quickly shot up to 3rd place.

A few hours in, the positions started settling in and we were approaching a battle with the product at 2nd position. There was only a difference of 10-20 upvotes between the two of us, which led to multiple back-and-forths for the 2nd position. Around 6:00 pm, the tables were turned on us and the other product had a sudden spike in the number of upvotes, which significantly increased their lead onto us and we were back into 3rd position.

Wanting to get back up to the 2nd place, we decided to stay up the entire night in shifts so that we could proactively engage with the supporters.

We managed to maintain our position throughout the night but, in the morning, there was a rapid growth in the number of upvotes for the product at the 5th position. Within an hour, they gained enough votes to overtake the product at 4th position, and soon enough, they managed to leave us behind as well.

In conclusion, even though we ended in 4th place, it was a rollercoaster of a ride and we had a great time interacting with people who were interested in AppLogger. We did get to learn a lot of things that would help us improve our performance in the upcoming PH launches.

Why a Unique Launch Experience?

Wait, we still have to explain the bug that is causing the entire confusion. Just a while ago we received an email from Product Hunt that our product is featured in Daily Digest newsletter, and we are listed #3 there. Here are the screenshots of our product page and daily digest newsletter.

We have reached out to the Product Hunt support team regarding this issue. We are sure it will be sorted out shortly, as their support team is very active.

But till then, the confusion remains...

Insights from Product Hunt

The following stats were captured on September 22nd, 2022 12:31 pm (IST) from Product Hunt:

  • 590+ followers
  • 14 reviews
  • 5 stars (out of 5)  average rating
  • Got #4 Product of the Day badge

The full-day performance, in terms of the number of upvotes, can be seen in the following graph.

Insights from True Sparrow Tracker

Here are some of the interesting traffic stats of the AppLogger product page:

  • 400+ unique visitors
  • 300+ unique visitors from Product Hunt. And the rest were from other social channels.
  • 450+ page views for the AppLogger webpage.
  • 15+ total different timezones

The above numbers are from the True Sparrow Tracker solution and the graphs are generated using Metabase. Insights from our Tracker and Google Analytics are matching. We will be releasing our Tracker solution very soon as well!

Stay tuned to True Sparrow for more exciting products!

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