Sirji Updates - VS Code Extension (launch)

After releasing the dogfood version, we got busy reimagining Sirji as a VS Code extension. This extension brings an interactive chat interface right within your Visual Studio Code IDE.

Here’s what the architecture looks like for Sirji's VS Code extension.

And today I present to you the first version of the extension. Install it in under 5 seconds from Visual Studio Marketplace or the Open VSX repository & check it out for yourself.

Quoting from Sirji’s README:

Sirji is a Visual Studio Code extension that works as an AI software development agent.

It is a virtual software developer that includes individual agents for planning, coding, researching, and executing projects.

Sirji solves users’ problem statements ranging from a new greenfield project to an existing brownfield project where it enhances existing code, fixes bugs, and writes test cases.

The extension leverages the capabilities of VS Code, including the Editor, Terminal, and Project Explorer.

It provides an interactive chat interface through which users submit their problem statements, answer questions, and provide feedback to Sirji.

Additionally and most importantly, Sirji sets up your local development environment by installing system-level packages as well as programming language-specific dependencies. It later executes the generated code in your local development environment.

Nishith Shah

Nishith Shah

Founder, True Sparrow