Sirji Updates - Episode 3 (The first run)

So the end-to-end stitching for the dogfood release is done. And we took Sirji for a spin. The problem statement was:

Make a simple website with a server that uses Yahoo API to get the stock price for a user entered stock.

And… it threw an error! 😂

#sirji #phatgaya

Fixed the errors and THEN… Sirji had its FIRST successful run. Yay! 🚀

That’s HUGE even if it is just one run. We will be testing with a variety of different problem statements.

And I wouldn’t say we are done with dogfood release yet. The main functionality remaining for this release is adding debugging capabilities (including user feedback & interaction).

More on it next week but for now, please check the latest code here:

And don’t forget to ⭐ the repo!

Nishith Shah

Nishith Shah

Founder, True Sparrow